Will Bishop-Stephens

Through Picture This’ Small Wonders scheme and a participatory project with Bristol's Hospital for Sick Children, Will Bishop Stephens created two animations Pooky The Giant Shrew and Tales from Ward 35.

Will Bishop Stephens makes animated films as a writer, director and an animator. He also works within sculpture, print and collage and is a published author and illustrator. In his animations he works between traditional techniques and technology, disguising the often complex and sophisticated softwear used amongst the naïve drawings to create his simple and playful animations.


He has exhibited widely, nationally and internationally and has won awards at London International Film Festival; Edinburgh Film Festival; Trididad & Tabago Film Festival. As well as producing films for the NHS's anniversary; CBBC website; LBRUT Council; and Sunday Best Records. He currently teaches animation at the University of East London, UCA Farnham and runs his own classes teaching children.

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