Melanie Jackson

Much of Melanie Jackson's practice has been concerned with the flow of international capital.

She is currently investigating the relationships between nature and technology through a series of experiments with fauna and flora, and the technologies available to her.

Melanie Jackson is a London-based artist with recent solo exhibitions including, Road Angel, Arnolfini, Bristol, and Made in China, Matt's Gallery, London.Her solo exhibition The Ur-pflanze (Part 1) is at The Drawing Room, London (28 April-20 June 2010).

Melanie Jackson tries out tactics of representation which remain provisional rather than definitive, treating the gallery as a stage for experimentation with art roles. Here is mimicry, documentation, myth fabrication, cultural voyeurism, performance, animation, political commentary, music, installation, craft and the cultivation of aesthetic delight.
Mark Harris




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International Fauna gallery launch
08 May 2010, Screening 12-5.30pm, Discussion 2pm

Melanie Jackson in conversation with writer, architect and artist Stephen Beasley and Gary Thomas, Animate Projects. Introduced by Zoe Shearman,

Watch Melanie Jackson's International Fauna online

You can now watch Melanie Jackson's International Fauna in full online here at Picture This. Follow the link on the right hand of this page.