Anna Lucas

Picture This have worked with artist Anna Lucas in a variety of ways including commissions, working with artists and communities and selecting artists for Small Wonders.

Anna Lucas is a London based artist. Mainly working with film and video, her practice engages and develops observations of social networks and group dynamics in response to specific geographic and architectural locations. Her works foreground human interaction with the landscape and the natural environment. Her camera unobtrusively documents, distancing her subjects from the viewer, yet at the same time encourages a rigorous engagement with features of everyday life. Lucas' work creatively integrates what could be characterised as an intuitional response to the subjects she documents, whilst still operating within a structured, cohesive framework which give her works their textured and distinctive quality.

Anna Lucas has exhibited widely, with recent exhibitions at FACT, Liverpool (2007), The Delinquent Silhouette, Metropole Gallery, Folkestone (2006), A Certain Tendency In Representation, Thomas Dane Gallery, London (2005), Adrift, Chisenhale Gallery, London (2004) and Bud, Spike Island, Bristol and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne (2003). In addition, she organised Land of Silence and Darkness, a series of events around perception and neuroscience as part of a Wellcome Fellowship and the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing at Oxford University.


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