Migrations was a programme of artist’s films that cross geographical, political and temporal borders.

The filmmakers travel to their countries of origin after years of absence or places ravaged by prolonged conflict. The films are poignant portraits of longing, reunion and estrangement - quests for answers to questions of identity and nationhood.

Alia Syed: Eating Grass (2003, 23 mins); Uyen Luu: Pho (Noodle Soup) (2001, 24 mins); Rosalind Nashashibi: Dahiet Al Bareed (The District of the Post Office) (2002, 7 mins); Marine Hugonnier: Ariana (2003, 18 mins)


Screening history:

05 November 2003,
The Barn Cinema, Dartington, Devon, UK

30 April 2004,
at In and Out of Middle England Conference,
The Phoenix, Exeter, Devon, UK