Associate Dance Artist
2009 - 2011

The Associate Artists scheme was initiated by Bristol Dance Development in order to encourage a city-wide vision for dance programming and to improve communication between the city’s artists and venues.

Hosted by five different venues in Bristol for the 18-month period from April 2009 to September 2010 the Associate Artists will shape a programme with their host venues including performance, workshops and research. The artists will have specific times they are in residence at the venue over the next eighteen months and it will hopefully allow them to make connections with the venues communities and audiences, offering creative development and artistic skill.

The artists selected for 2009/10 scheme
Lisa May Thomas - Picture This
Seeta Patel - Arnolfini
Mark Bruce - Tobacco Factory
Karla Shacklock - Circomedia
Fleur Darkin - Bristol Old Vic

For summer 2010 Picture This' Associate Dance artist Lisa May Thomas is programming a three-day dance to camera film lab lead by Kyra Norman and Katrina McPherson.  Alongside the lab will be a curated programme of Dance to Camera works presented at Picture This, as well as a screening of dance films produced by Bristol based artists selected from an open call for submissions. Information on how to apply for the lab and how to submit films can be found in the links below.

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Lisa May Thomas

Lisa May Thomas has worked with Picture This in a variety of ways since 2002.

Unexpected Encounters Dance/Video/Improvisation
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June 2010.

A two-day workshop for those interested in exploring the creative interface between improvised dance & video dance practice lead by Kirstie

Opportunities for Dance to Camera artists

Dance/Video/Improvisation - A two-day workshop

Submission of work for screening event - Dance/Video/Improvisation

Dance/Video/Improvisation screening and talk
25 & 26 June 2010

Coinciding with Unexpected Encounters – two evenings of artists’ films looking at the relationships between dance, video and

Lisa May Thomas screening at RWA, Bristol

The first chance to see a new work by Lisa May Thomas, produced as part of the Dance Associates scheme in Bristol in partnership with Picture This.