Room Service
by Tim Hogg and Yvonne Davies

woman in 1940s costume asleep in bed, torn photograph in a frame alongside the bed


  • 1Still from Room Service
  • 2Still from Room Service
  • 3Still from Room Service

Still from Room Service


A short film, set in a near future, where technology owes more to the 1930’s than to the 21st century.

Room Service begins when a mysterious intruder armed with a collection of home-made tools & devices breaks into the bedroom of a sleeping woman.

Tim Hogg and Yvonne Davies worked with Picture This on Room Service, a collaborative project, over a year. The film was developed with a large crew including teams of set dressers and model and it involved extensive special effects, set building and art direction. It was shot on location at Aardmans feature film studios at Aztec West, Bristol.



Year 2002
Duration 7 minutes
Original format 16mm
Screening format Beta SP/Pal
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1


Funded by South West Media Development Agency and the National Lottery.