Double Biology
by Lucy Bailey & Tom Stubbs

Bright colour image of man with a beard smiling waring a Hawaiin garland next to a girl with a swimming hat smiling too


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Still from Double Biology


Double Biology is a short film, in which a school teacher has the awkward job of filling in for a colleague on the ‘Sex Ed’ class.

The film he shows the class is an amazing reconstruction (imagining) of a 1975 German sex education film which involves - amongst other things - hand drawn anatomical drawings, a jam jar and a bean and a visualisation of conception using a swimming-pool and a inflatable dingy.


Year 2003
Duration 15 minutes
Original format DVCAM - Super 8mm
Screening format BetaSP
Aspect ratio 16:9
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1

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15 July 2006
'Exp: one'
Leeds, UK

Plymouth, UK