Moving Stills
by Andrew Mania

a man standing behind a hedge blowing up a yellow balloon


  • 1Video still from Moving Stills (Reception)
  • 2Video still from Moving Stills (Apple Tree)
  • 3Video still from Moving Stills (Glint)
  • 4Video still from Moving Stills (Space Man)
  • 5Video still from Moving Stills (Junge Frau)
  • 6Video still from Moving Stills (Return)
  • 7Video still from Moving Stills (Mute)

Video still from Moving Stills (Yellow)


In a series of brief and intimate narratives Mania constructs multi-layered representations in which the gaze of the artist and the lens of the video are distinct presences, in the documentation of brief moments, events and actions. Mania draws our attention to the conventions and artifice of image making and to the involvement of the viewer in a conscious act of looking.

Eight short video pieces make up the collection Moving Stills. Apple Tree, Yellow, Mute, Glint and Space Man incorporate figures and objects challenge the viewer’s spatial expectations within the works, whilst Reception, Return and Junge Frau introduce to us a new façade to historical paintings. The individual films and Moving Stills as a whole reflect Andrew Mania’s interest in collection and portraiture as well as adapting and reusing of images.


Year 2003
Duration Various
Original format DVCAM
Screening format MPEG-2 DVD
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1


Produced through Picture This' Small Wonders in association R O O M, Bristol.

Screening history:

12 Nov - 10 Dec 2004
ROOM, Bristol, UK

19 Nov - 23 Dec 2005
'Odiseado Tra Tempo'
Peter Kilchmann Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

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Our Small Wonders professional development scheme offered artists the mentoring support and technical resources needed for making film and video