HLM Costume
by Gloria Ojulari Sule

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  • 1Video still from HLM Costume
  • 2Video still from HLM Costume
  • 3Video still from HLM Costume
  • 4HLM Costume installed at Picture This, Bristol, UK

Video still from HLM Costume


HLM Costume explores the artists’ personal journey seeking to verify her cultural identity through African dress and the special qualities and pride revealed by the wearer. Gloria Ojulari Sule travelled to Dakar where she filmed her journey as she had a traditional costume made.

In 2006, Sule travelled to the Dak'Art Biennale and while there she became fascinated with African dress and decided to have one made in the few days she was in Senegal. Taking in the lively streets and sounds in Dakar, HLM Costume records the experience of having a traditional costume made - meeting fabric sellers and tailors in Dakar market, choosing dress styles, fabrics and accessories, watching the tailors at work and the final fitting.

Born in the UK, Gloria was distanced at an early age from positive references to her African heritage and he work explores the artists' personal journey as a woman of a Black British mixed background in search of a sense of belonging, seeking to verify her cultural identity.

Filmed on impulse whilst travelling Gloria returned to Bristol with footage documenting the process of buying fabrics and having fittings. Back in Bristol Gloria applied to Picture This' Small Wonders scheme to use the organisation's resources to help shape and edit the footage into a two-screen video work.



Year 2007
Duration 4 minutes and 13 minutes
Medium 2 screen video installation
Original format DV
Screening format MPEG-2 DVD
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio Yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 2

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Supported through the Picture This Small Wonders professional development scheme.

Screening history:

15 March - 19 April 2008
Picture This Atelier

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Gloria Ojulari Sule joined the Small Wonders scheme in 2006-2007 and received support from Picture This in the making of HLM Costume.

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