International Fauna
by Melanie Jackson

close up of an antique statue of a roaring lion on an ochre background


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Video still from International Fauna


International Fauna is a blast, an anti-anthem, a parade of the animal symbols designated by nation states quick change through a background of digital colour fields.

The representations are matched back with their animal call, for the duration of the image - a concrete composition of the absurd. The work delights in these extraordinary attempts to project national values onto an animal form, and in the forms they have taken.

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International Fauna is a new animation work by Melanie Jackson commissioned by Relational and produced with Animate Projects and Picture This as part of the Anti-Bodie programme. Anti-Bodies is co-ordinated by Relational, with support from Arts Council England, and granted the London 2012 Inspire mark as part of the Cultural Olympiad. With thanks to Ed Atkins and Katerina Athanasopoulou.


Animate Projects is a London based agency, developing initiatives that explore the relationship between art and animation, and the place of animation and its concepts in contemporary art practice. APL also publishes APEngine, an online space for critical comment on a range of independent moving image work.

Anti-Bodies: beyond the body ideal is a curatorial network and programme that explores different attitudes to the body. It contrasts the particularity of the artist's body-concept against the ideal body-machine of the Olympic athlete, so revealing underlying idealisations of the body as they are reproduced within different everyday social contexts.

Relational is a Bristol based agency, facilitating relationships between artists, organisations and communities. The aim is to produce projects that encourage critical engagement with international contemporary art and extend notions of context-led working and participation in the wider social realm.



Year 2010
Duration 2 minutes 55 seconds
Medium QuickTime Movie
Original format QuickTime Movie composed on after effects, final cut pro and logic
Screening format online and digital projection
Aspect ratio 4:3
Audio yes
Colour / B&W Colour
Screens 1


Commissioned by Relational and produced with Picture This and Animate Projects as part of the Anti-Bodies contemporary art programme. Supported by Arts Council England

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International Fauna gallery launch
08 May 2010, Screening 12-5.30pm, Discussion 2pm

Melanie Jackson in conversation with writer, architect and artist Stephen Beasley and Gary Thomas, Animate Projects. Introduced by Zoe Shearman,

Watch Melanie Jackson's International Fauna online

You can now watch Melanie Jackson's International Fauna in full online here at Picture This. Follow the link on the right hand of this page.